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Azure Ortho recently debuted their new rapid palate expansion device at the AAO annual meeting in Boston.

USA, CA, Lake Forest 5/1/09

Azure Ortho recently debuted their new rapid palate expansion device at the AAO annual meeting in Boston. The name of the device is the VECSTM palate expander. This RPE has the same function as a traditional jack-screw style expander but with an innovative twist. The activation of the VECSTM takes place with a hex key that is inserted into the front of the expander and turned like a car key, unlike the front-to-back activation of the traditional devices. This provides a safe and easy-to-use solution to the frustrations and headaches that have been plaguing palatal expansion for decades.

The name VECSTM is simply an acronym for the 4 crucial attributes in which this unique product hails.

Variable activation increments give the doctor the ability to do something completely new. Azure Ortho have designed the VECSTM to provide 0.2mm of expansion with one full rotation of the activation key. However, should the doctor desire a different activation increment, simply turning the activation key more or less will customize this process.

Ease of use is a defining characteristic of the VECSTM rapid palate expander. The activation screw-head is very easy to see and the activation key inserts into the screw-head while the handling of the key takes place outside of the mouth. Since the activation key has a ball shaped end, it can actually be inserted even when it is not exactly lined up with the activation screw-head within a 20 degree tolerance. This feature makes it ideal for any person to use. There is a target symbol embossed on one side of the key that makes it extremely easy to understand the proper direction to turn the key for activation.

Cost efficiency is always an important consideration for the doctor. When an appliance is simple, less time is involved in educating the patient how to use it. Case studies have shown that chair-side instructional time has been cut in half.

Safety is the most critical factor affecting medical devices. Accidental swallowing or aspiration of an activation key by the patient is a life threatening issue that should concern every doctor. For decades, the orthodontic literature and a tremendous amount of anecdotal evidence warn against this potential hazard. The VECSTM palate expander is immune to this problem because the handling of the large key takes place outside of the mouth and cannot be swallowed by patients. From a legal perspective, the VECSTM palate expander is far more superior to the products currently on the market.

For more information visit www.AzureOrtho.com or call (949) 699-3344

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