Azure Ortho is an orthodontic supply company whose primary focus is to provide the worldwide orthodontic profession with innovative and progressive devices. Operating a state of the art manufacturing facility in Foothill Ranch, California, the company is well qualified to be a major player in the orthodontic manufacturing industry. Azure Ortho’s manufacturing facility is ISO 13485:2016 Certified, and is also an FDA Registered Facility. With years of experience in manufacturing extremely small and miniature medical devices, Azure Ortho expects to be a leader in producing small, intelligently designed orthodontic appliances.

The product development staff at Azure Ortho is comprised of highly skilled professionals with over 80 years of combined experience in the medical device industry and the orthodontic profession. This experience, coupled with a manufacturing staff that operates a meticulously maintained, precision manufacturing, machining, and assembly facility, creates the optimal atmosphere for providing an excellent, finished product. Azure Ortho’s most important attribute is the ability to provide innovative solutions with outstanding manufacturing capabilities.

With knowledgeable leadership and a seasoned manufacturing team, Azure Ortho plays an important role in the orthodontic industry. Obtaining a reputation for quick, precise results, Azure Ortho expects to be a leader in the orthodontic industry, while continually providing product improvement and evolution with the latest technology.

The VECS™ rapid palate expander is a revolutionary expansion device.

The function of this patented device is similiar to a traditional jack-screw type expander, but with a new twist!

The uniqueness of this new appliance is that its activation is accomplished by a hex key which is inserted into the front of the expander and twisted from outside of the mouth.

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