VECS™ Palate Expander

The VECS™ rapid palate expander is a patented device that has been developed to provide the orthodontic industry with an innovative solution for maxillary expansion that is quick, safe and easy to use. The safe and practical application of the VECS™ is a cost effective solution for the doctor because of the savings in chair-side instructional time.

VECS™ 14mm Palate Expander

Expansion Per Full Rotation

Expansion Range

0.2mm 0-14mm 1005-14

VECS™ 10mm Palate Expander

Expansion Per Full Rotation

Expansion Range

0.2mm 0-10mm 1005-10

The name VECS™ is simply an acronym for the 4 crucial attributes in which this unique product hails.

Variable activation increments give the doctor the ability to do something completely new. Increments of 0.2mm to 0.25mm are the standard of a traditional palate expander. The VECS™ expander does not work the same way. We have designed the VECS™ to provide 0.2mm of expansion with one full rotation of the activation key, just to make the orthodontist/patient comfortable understanding what one full turn produces. However, should the doctor desire a different activation increment, simply turning the activation key more or less will customize this process. For example, when treating an apprehensive patient, the doctor may choose to use only half turn activations for the first few days in order to build confidence with the patient.

Ease of use is the defining characteristic of the VECS™ rapid palate expander. The activation screw-head is very easy to see and the activation key inserts into the screw-head while the handling of the key takes place outside of the mouth. Since the activation key has a ball shaped end, it can actually be inserted even when it is not exactly lined up with the activation screw-head within a 20 degree tolerance. This feature makes it ideal for any person to use. There is a target symbol embossed on one side of the key that makes it extremely easy to understand the proper direction to turn the key for activation. This activation simply takes place in a similar action as turning a car-key.

Cost efficiency is always an important consideration for the doctor. When an appliance is simple, less time is involved in educating the patient how to use it. Chair-side instructional time will actually be reduced when the VECS™ palate expander is delivered to the patient, and the office will not have additional appointments for re-instruction visits. Time savings will make the purchasing cost of the VECS™ less than a traditional palate expander.

Safety! This is the most critical factor affecting medical devices. Accidental swallowing or aspiration of an activation key by the patient is a life threatening issue that should concern every doctor. For decades, the orthodontic literature and a tremendous amount of anecdotal evidence warn against this potential hazard. The VECS™ palate expander is immune to this problem because the handling of the large key takes place outside of the mouth and cannot be swallowed by patients. From a legal perspective, the VECS™ palate expander is far more superior to the products currently on the market.

All in all, the VECS™ rapid palate expander is an appliance that the orthodontic profession will find revolutionary. It is a modern, ergonomical device that is quick, safe and easy to use. Doctors appreciate the cost efficiency and customizing features, while both the office staff and patients alike will appreciate being given an appliance that is easy to understand and simple to use.

The Inventor

Dr. Jeffrey J. Staples, D.D.S.

Dr. Staples’ educational and professional background is substantial. A graduate of Whittier College, Loyola University School of Dentistry and the USC Orthodontic Department, Dr. Staples considers educational curiosity to be the hallmark of a professional’s life. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics. He is also a former clinical professor for the UCLA School of Dentistry’s Orthodontic Department and the inventor of the VECS™ palate expander.

The VECS™ rapid palate expander is a revolutionary expansion device.

The function of this patented device is similiar to a traditional jack-screw type expander, but with a new twist!

The uniqueness of this new appliance is that its activation is accomplished by a hex key which is inserted into the front of the expander and twisted from outside of the mouth.

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The VECS™ lab kit is for use in the laboratory fabrication of the VECS™ Palate Expander. This kit includes 2 lab hex keys used for proper alignment of the activation screw of the expander, 10 rubber “O” rings used for replacing any “O” rings damaged during fabrication, and the uniquely designed VECS™ bending tool.

The flagship design of this bending tool is not only specific to the VECS™ Palate Expander, but can be used for any traditional style expander the lab may have. The existing bending tool on the market will NOT work with the VECS™ Palate Expander.

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This user friendly activation key is not only safe for the patient because of the ergonomic design, but provides an easy and intelligent solution to the operator’s common question of which way to turn the key. Simply push on the target symbol and you know you are activating the expansion correctly! This activation simply takes place in a similar action as turning a car-key.

Directions: Insert the hex key into the activation screw and try to have the plastic handle pointing upward toward the patient’s nose. This is called the twelve o’clock position and is a good starting point. From the operator’s perspective (not the patient), the key is turned in a clockwise direction to initiate the expansion. There are 2 sides on the plastic handle, one is smooth and the other has an embossed target sign. Push on the target sign in order to twist the key clockwise and to begin the expansion process.

Note: This motion is actually counter clock-wise in the patient’s eyes, and is important to remember this if the patient is going to operate the expander.

*Packaged in quantities of five (5).

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