Will my speech be affected?

Speech may be affected, but reading out loud for the first week or so will help to adapt speech back to normal.

How do I activate the expander?

Insert the blue handled key into the activation screw head and try to have the butt-end of the blue handle pointed up towards the patients nose. (This is called the 12 o’clock position and is a good starting point.) From the operator’s perspective (not the patient), the key is turned in a clockwise direction to initiate the expansion. There are 2 sides on the key, one has a target and the other side does not. Make sure you are pushing on the target to insure the key is being turned the proper direction. Turn the key (like a car key) until the butt-end reaches the 12 o’clock position again. This is 1 full activation.

What is the function of the rubber “O” ring?

The function of the “O” ring is to create an “organic” tension to the activation screw head so the patient does not turn the head with their tongue. If this “O” ring is hit with the soldering gun during fabrication, it may be compromised and should be replaced.

Will the VECS creep-back on itself after activation?

It is virtually impossible for the VECS to creep back on itself after activation. The gear inside the housing is a worm-gear, similar to the concept of the axle of a car. The pressure is not great enough to creep back on this device.


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