What is the function of the rubber “O” ring?

The function of the “O” ring is to create an “organic” tension to the activation screw head so the patient does not turn the head with their tongue. If this “O” ring is hit with the soldering gun during fabrication, it may be compromised and should be replaced.

How do you clean the device after the fabrication?

The VECS palate expander may be cleaned with a surface disinfectant or autoclaved prior to clinical insertion. Never submerge the VECS into any cleaning toxic agent. Traces of the solution may enter the center body of the device and later effect the patient.

Why do I need a Lab Kit?

The fabrication of the VECS is no different than the fabrication of a traditional RPE in terms of bending the mounting arms and soldering. There is however, a different approach to insure that the VECS activation head is mounted at an appropriate angle in relation to the front teeth. The lab kit includes 2 jigs that should be used to achieve this angle. The lab kit also includes a custom bending tool that is universal to all RPE’s. The current bending tool will not work with the VECS. There is a rubber O-ring on the VECS that should not be exposed to the heat during the soldering process. The Lab Kit contains 10 replacement O-rings in case the O-ring has been affected by heat.


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